Our History

Blessed & Chosen Mime Ministry was established in 2000 as a part of Payne Chapel AME of Duquesne, Pa church. The group was created by a collaboration of friends and family including Cornell Brownfield, the only original member still remaining since it was first called Payne’s Children.

In 2010 due to life changing events for many of the old members of Payne’s Children, Cornell branched off creating another group with the old school feel but a contemporary style called Blessed & Chosen. The group was open to all new and old members of Payne Chapel.

Blessed & Chosen was not limited to only Payne Chapel members. It currently consists of people around the Pittsburgh area that are members of several different churches. These Christians came together to create a new atmosphere and more modern-day style.

Under the direction of the Spiritual advisor Rev. Hazel Kelly and artistic director Cornell Brownfireld, the ministry strives for greatness and obedience in the house of the Lord.

The group is active in the community outside of the church. They involve themselves with community service projects, volunteer work and participate in city activities when available.

Blessed & Chosen has ministered through mime all across Pennsylvania and the near by states. They only wish to praise, minister, and give God the Glory. The group continues to grow and go wherever the Lord has called them.

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